Top 5 Best Lawn Mower With Electric Start: 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Do You want to upgrade your conventional lawn mower or are tired of the strain caused by pulling a ripcord, then an electric start mower is the best choice for you. But hold on for a second. No doubt every electric start mower has almost the same qualities but you should select the best of them of your desire by figuring out the pros and cons of each. After great research here we have carefully picked the top 5 best lawn mower with electric start of 5 different categories.

But before going to the main content I just want to ask do you know?

Why do you choose an electric start lawn mower?

The electric start lawn-mowers are the most eco-friendly mowers that are easy to start without having any fouled spark plugs. But they vary based on its drive types, power, and also price. But every one of them has some of the main pros and cons enlisted below. 

Pros or Advantages of electric start lawn-mower:

There are many advantages of having an electric start mower which are enlisted below.

  1. Easy to start: The electric start mowers are very easy to start as they have no manual pull cord that can damage your mower’s engine and cause strain. You can easily start your mower by either pushing the start button or by turning off a key, which means no hassle to start.
  2. Easy to use: It is very easy to use as you require no extra effort to maneuver the mower.  
  3. Cost-effectiveness: As it requires no extra maintenance. The electric start mowers are more reliable than others and have no worries about maintaining the engine regularly.
  4. Versatility: These mowers are very versatile as it can mow almost every kind of grass. They have 3 in 1 quality that you can mulch, bag, or can do side discharge. Moreover, they also have height and speed adjustments.
  5. Lightweight: Rather than others, they have a relatively low weight.
  6. Smooth drive: You can enjoy a safe and smooth drive by their unique drive system
  7. Reduce Carbon Emission: The electric start mowers are many eco-friendly mowers that will help to reduce the carbon emissions that can pollute your environment

Cons or Disadvantages of electric start lawn-mower:

No doubt they are wonderful mowers but they also have some drawbacks that are listed below:

  1. Engines’ power: As compared to their counterparts they have relatively fewer power engines so before buying you should have a look at the mowers engine power according to your yard size and terrain.
  2. Not suitable for very large yards: As many of them are corded or battery charged mowers. The corded One requires a large cord that may get entangled in your feet while mowing whereas one battery is not enough for the larger one and you need an extra one for this.
  3. Expensive: These lawn-mowers are relatively more expensive than others but you can say it is a onetime investment that runs a long time.

Table of Contents

Top 5 Best Electric Start Lawn Mower:

Green works 12 Amp20 inch
Honda HRX217VLA21 inch
Lawn Boy21 inch
Snapper P2185020E21 inch
Black plus Decker String Trimmer/Edger15 inch

1: Green works 12 Amp: Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower With Electric Start

This is a very sturdy, electric corded lawn-mower that has a powerful 12-amp motor. It works efficiently and can easily start with a push-button start. The 20-inch steel deck makes it more durable. 

As it has seven adjustable height positions it will help to mow almost every kind of grass that has up to ¾ inches height. Moreover, the blade’s heights can be adjusted very easily as it has only one lever to adjust them with great maneuverability.

It has a great safety feature that includes the wonderfully integrated cord lock. This feature helps to prevent accidental cord disconnections. With these incredible features, it can easily mow up to an acre or a midsize area conveniently.

It has constant, dependable power with a smooth operation that has a relatively low voice to their counterparts. Due to this easy plug, you have not to suffer battery changing or gas refilling problems and you can mow without messing with smelly gas

With 3-in-1 bagging mulching and side discharge property, you can enjoy a smooth operation. It has an easy switch between mulching and bagging while mowing the grass.

The only drawback of this wonderful lawn-mower is you have to keep the cord away from tangling in your feet and you can easily do it by keeping the cord in between your feet and by starting mowing closer to the outlet to the farthest point. It is best to use a 15-amp cord.

Moreover, it is not good for wet grass. If you need this have a look over the best lawn mowers for wet grass 2020

Key features:

  • Push-button start
  • Single-lever adjustment type
  • 12-amp volts battery
  • 3 in 1 property
  • 7 adjustable mowing heights
  • 20-inch wide steel deck
  • 1/4 acre to 1/2 acre cutting range
  • Rear and side discharge
  • 7-inch front wheel
  • 10-inch rear wheel
  • 1.5-3.75 inch cutting heights
  • Integrated cord lock
  • Foldable handles 
  • 4-years warranty
  • Good Engine Power
  • Smooth Drive
  • Not for wet grass
  • Echo friendly
  • Cord entangles.

Final View:

If you are looking for a best corded electric start mower that has best reviews, you should try this sturdy lawn-mower.

2: Honda HRX217VLA: Best Lawn Mower With Electric Start

This electric start mower has a self-propelled quality that you do not need to push it manually. A great mower with rustless and dent less wide Nexite deck that can mow more quickly.

Honda lawn mower is best even for women due to its light weight a women can handle it easily.if you want to buy a lawn mower that can easily be used by women so check this Best lawn mowers for women.

It has very great safety and drives features. With the great 4-in-1 Versa mow system you can mulch, bag, side discharge, and shred leave without any extra tools. Its clip director property provides a great performance whether you want to mulch or shred the leaves. Micro-cut twin blades make it a perfect choice for cutting even over uneven terrain.

You can enjoy the highest comfort level in mowing by its integrated variable speed select drive control system. This system enables you to adjust the speed on the throttle

It has a very easy power assist that it can start very easily. Moreover, its assembly is very easy. Bag is very easy to replace and its engine uses relatively less fuel than its counterpart’s mower.

The adjustable handle provides 3 quick positions that help in comfortable mowing and compact storage. It has a 2.5-bushel capacity grass bag.

With a 9-inch ball bearing wheels, it provides a smoother movement with great durability. Additionally, it stops the grass clippings from spraying out of sides with its wonderful molded sort of skirting around the cutting deck.

The only drawback of this mower is it needs refilling of gas but it is a reliable option for larger yards.

Key Features:

  • 12-volt electric key start
  • Honda GCV200 Engine
  • self-propelled drive system
  • 4-stroke 200 CCs
  • 0.24-gallon fuel tank size
  • 4 in 1 Versa mow system
  • NeXite 21–inch deck
  • Honda Auto Choke system
  • 9-inch ball bearing wheels
  • 7 adjustable mowing heights
  • 2.5-bushel capacity bag
  • Flywheel brake system
  • Manual fuel shut-off system
  • 0 to 4-inch ground speed
  • 3 handle heights position
  • Micro-cut system twin blades
  • 9-inch plastic wheels
  • Lifetime deck warranty
  • 5 years residential warranty
  • 90 days commercial warranty
  • Larger and powerful engine
  • Rustless deck
  • Easy to start
  • Safety features
  • Plastic Wheels

Final View:

If you are looking for a maneuverable mower for a bit larger yard try this. It provides a perfect cut even over an uneven terrain with its powerful 4-stroke engine

3: Lawn Boy: Best Lawn Mower For Big Yard

The self propels electric start mower that can do whatever you want from a household mower to do. It can help you in mulching or you can do bagging of grass clipping as it comes with a complete box that includes this mower, grass cutting bag, and a rear lawn mat that requires a basic arrival assembly which is very easy and manageable.

Lawn boy has great features that can function very well. It has 11-inch high wheels with 2 different cutting heights that allow you to mow the lawn quickly and gives your lawn a pristine look. with this, you don’t need to mess with a manual pull cord that can crank the mower’s motor.

It also has a 2-gallon strong fabric bag that collects the debris if you don’t want to mulch your lawn. But with mulching, you can re fertilize your lawn that increases the compactness of your yard and also decreases the need of emptying the bag while mowing.

This durable and indestructible mower is suitable for up to 1-acre area and very much popular among homeowners because of its maneuverability. To follow the environmental standards it has a great CARB compliant technology. (for the state of California)

This mower is powered with a powerful Kohler engine that according to its manufacturer has no mixing of oil with fuel and needs no oil change too. It has a 21-inch diameter blade with a deep steel deck that gives the superior quality of cut and mulching capabilities with a tri-cut cutting system.

Key Features:

  • Self-propel Electric start mower
  • 149cc Gross torque Kohler engine
  • Tri-cut cutting system
  • 3 in 1 system (bag, side discharge, mulch)
  • 2 bushel bag capacity
  • 21-inch steel deck
  • 6 positions height adjustment
  • 2 position adjustable handles
  • 7-inch front and 8-inch rear wheel
  • Rear lawn Mat
  • 2 years guarantee
  • Powerful engine
  • Assembled easily
  • Starts quickly
  • No stripe roller

Final View:

It is the most popular mower among the peoples due to its wide deck and powerful Kohler gives you efficient working and fulfill all the demands that a household mower can do.

4: Snapper P2185020E: Best Lawn Mower For Small Yard

This powerful self-propelled lawn mower is a perfect choice for those who have to mow uneven terrain with the daunting spread of extra-large thick grass and can handle the hilly surface even with wet grass very smoothly.

Snapper has an exceptionally powerful Briggs and Stratton 4-cycled 190cc engine with 0.3-gallon fuel tank capacity. It has no priming and has ingeniously designed an unstoppable drive and cutting system.

Bagging, mulching, and side discharge are the three options through which you can dispose of the debris and grass clippings. with a single lever, it becomes very easy to adjust among seven different heights from 1.25 to 4 inches. 

This sturdy mower has a revolutionary 21-inch HI-VAC deck and a unique suction system that mows the lawn with rolled edges leaving behind a pristine smooth look. With rugged 10-inch wheels fitted with ball bearings, it becomes so easy to mow 8 to 10 inches long thick grass.

With astounding durability, it has great maneuverability without compromising the cutting quality and maintains its pace even on hills with its variable-speed disc drive transmission. It has extra tough rubber wheels that would not overwhelm physically limited owners and can lift or lower swiftly.

The only drawback of this mower is that it has seriously frustrating assembling. To avoid any damage fill the 18-ounce oil before first-time use.

Key Features:

  • 12-volt electric key start
  • self-propelled
  • 21-inch Hi-Vac deck
  • Briggs and Stratton, 4-cycle 190cc engine
  • 0.3-gallon fuel tank capacity
  • Variable speed disc drive system
  • Single lever
  • 8.5lbs torque
  • 14-gauge, 21-inch wide deck
  • Rugged 10-inch rear wheels
  • 7- adjustable position 
  • 4 MPH maximum speed
  • 3-years warranty
  • Superb speed control and electric start
  • Easily manage the hilly and uneven terrain with thick grass
  • Powerful engine
  • Difficult assembly

Final View:

If you are looking for a powerful engine for a hilly area with thick and long grass it is a perfect choice for you.

5: Black plus Decker String Trimmer/Edger: Best Lawn Mower For Women

It is the most affordable lawn mower with electric start that can mow a small yard or hilly area perfectly with the great weed whacker wheels.
Black plus Decker has an ergonomic design with a pivoting handle that has mowing, edging, and trimming ability. It has a 6.5-amp motor that gives a maximum performance over weeds, tough and long grass. It provides continual work without bumping with its automatic feed spool system.
It has adjustable handles and two-position height adjustments. It provides maximum comfort due to ergonomic design and can create sharp lines around driveways, gardens, and sidewalks by rotating easily from trimmer to wheeled edger.
This corded mower has a unique gear drive transmission that can cut the height ranges between 1.6-inch to 2.4 inches. it has an admirable construction with only 15 pounds weight. It is the best lawn mower for women due to its lightweight and wonderful features.

Key Features:

  • Electric start
  • 6.5 Amps battery volts
  • 4-hours, 100% charging time
  • 1.6-2.4 inch cutting heights
  • 12-inch wide poly deck 
  • Height adjustments
  • 10.2lbs weight
  • Automatic feed spool
  • Gear drive transmission
  • Foot pedal release
  • Trimmer edger and mower 
  • Auxiliary handle
  • General warranty
  • Very light(15 pounds)
  • Affordable
  • Best for hilly areas eco-friendly
  • Not for large yards

Final View:

If you are looking for a low budget affordable mower with trimmer and edger than try this once. It has a very low weight. 

Shopping Consideration:

What should you look before buying an electric starter mower?

Before buying an electric start mower you should consider the following things to avoid discomfort. Most of the mowers probably have the same qualities but some with best reviews have extra power and quality you just need to have a look at your desired one. Here is a detailed guide to buying one of your requirements.   

  1. Corded mower: The coded lawn mowers have a cord that restrain you to mow over a larger area and keep you under the limits so avoid this you should have a larger one. You should avoid it over a wet surface as it has a danger of electric shock. But it is best for smaller and plain yards that have no obstacles that entangle the cord. 
  2.  Battery powered: This is a very good option if you have a powerful battery but to more comfort, you can choose a mower with a replaceable battery.
  3. Swath Width: It is the area that you can cut or cover bypassing once. The larger the swath the less time to cover the area but it requires a powerful engine so before buying have a look at the horsepower of your chosen mower.
  4. Cutting height: It should have a variable cutting height to cut various types of grass easily.
  5. Side discharge/ Mulching: Mower should have the side-discharge bagging and mulching property.
  6. Performance: you should choose a mower with the best performance.
  7. Engines’ Power: The engine power depends upon the horsepower so choose a powerful engine that is suitable according to the size of your yard.
  8. Push or self-propelled: Choose a self-propelled mower as it is very easy to use and requires no extra effort to push the mower.
Top 3 Recommendations:
  1. GREEN WORKS (1204): The best-reviewed corded lawn mower.
  2. SNAPPER (P2185020E): The highly reliable and widest mower.
  3. BLACK PLUS DECKER: The most affordable mower with trimmer and edger.


Electric start lawn mowers are very convenient to use as they can easily start by just twisting an ignition key or a push button. They become a perfect choice when you choose it according to your need. With the detailed guidance of buying consideration above enlisted the 5 best mowers of different categories.

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