10 Best Lawn Mowers For Small Lawns – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Develop your wild jungle into a fine looking garden using the best lawn mowers for a small lawns. If you have a garden where you sit to breathe in some fresh air may be with a cup of tea or your favorite book then it should be a clean and aesthetically pleasing place.

You’ll really enjoy taking care of it once you start maintaining it and this is only possible when the grass blades are well trimmed and tidy.
Experts have recommended weekly mowing and it’s almost impossible to get this job done without a lawn mower.No matter your lawn is a few square meters or spread in a wide area it requires a certain amount of care.

Which mower you should be choosing primarily depends upon the size of the lawn. So, the first step in the process of choosing a mower is to have an estimation of your lawn area in square meters.

There are various types of lawn mowers available in the market with different functionalities and characteristics. Still, all these mowers require some things to work in an efficient way which are an engine, a rotating blade, a handle, and a source to eliminate grass clipping but are different with respect to quality and efficiency.

The below list is defiantly going to help you get the
best lawn mowers for small lawns. 

We have the top 10 best lawn mowers that help you to get the best results.

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Best Lawn Mowers For Small Lawns:

1. Craftsman 11P-A0SD791: Best Lawn Mowers For Small Yard

If you want well build and relatively less expensive lawn mower then this one is going to be a decent choice. It’s a high rated mower on Amazon. It’s a 2 in 1 item specially designed for small lawns.

It falls in the push lawn mowers category.
It takes no effort to start. It starts easily no choke or priming requires.

It smoothly running feature helps to get the job done delightfully. The product is capable of mulching with a side discharge of grass clippings.

Its powerful 140cc OHV engine has designed to lessen the noise and vibration which is an environmentally friendly feature.

With its dual lever 6, position height adjustment makes it easy to change cutting heights ranging from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches high that is going to give a smooth look to your garden.

The single speed front wheel drive brings ease to mowing. Its cutting system has a specially designed blade for fine mulching and a symmetrical deck for a better grass flow to remove clumping.it is the 
best inexpensive lawn mower for small yard.


Craftsman 11P-A0SD791 21 in 140cc OHV Engine Push Mower is one of the best lawn mowers for the people who want to get high performing lawn mower but yet not want to spend as much money as it takes to buy a good lawn mower.

Its design is pretty good. Has an environment friendly engine. You can get an efficient product without spending extra for such features.

  • 2 in 1 product capable of mulching with a side discharge of grass clippings
  • Powerful and dependable engine
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Not self-propelled

2. Greenworks 14-Inch 9 Amp: Best Electric Lawn Mower

No more sweating. This little tool that looks almost like a kid’s toy is champion to do mowing of a small yard pretty well. It’s corded and works on electric power.

Its portability is super easy because of its light weight structure. This lawn mower folds right up and fits into even small vehicles.

When it comes to assembling it’s almost no work. The startup is quite simple and easy without fatigue.
It has five level options you can switch to whatever according to desire and need.

On level 5 Works extremely well according to its size. Obviously, it’s not a high duty use but works efficiently for even a medium sized lawn.

It got sharp blades that cut the grass evenly. It can cut through 5ft grass like beauty. If you want to mow at any time of day or night and don’t want to disturb your neighbors then to your delight this cute little product is surprisingly quiet.
And you get all these features at an extremely low prices.


If you are searching for a portable lawn mower then this item best fits to this purpose. It’s convenient to use the product for its easy start and gives a fine trim to even a medium sized lawn.
it has lesser noise and low prices. With all these features this going to be a worthy purchase.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy portability
  • Light weight
  • Less sound
  • Five levels
  • Low price
  • Handle bar is not adjustable
  • Few users complained about the quality of plastic built that holds the motor

3. American Lawn Mower 1204: Best Inexpensive Lawn Mower For Small Yard

If you don’t get time to exercise then this hand reel mower is great for arm and leg exercise. This lawn mower makes short work of pretty long grass even if it’s wet.

Excellent quality all around and only takes a few minutes to set up. It’s already put together you just have to add handle and it’s good to go.

If you never used a rotary, this is a great starting point and well worth it. No hassle, very easy to push. Light enough to lift and carry around. Though quite compact and lightweight yet solid built. Using this item may require a few overlaps but does a great job for small yards.

Blades are nice and sharp and develop no problem in cutting you just need to get used to it if you are already using a gas mower.

If you have toddlers around this would be a safer option.
This mower is quiet compare to a regular lawn mower.

All the things that make walking around your yard behind a gas mower unpleasant, this won’t do. You just need to pick up the debris ahead cutting otherwise it fits your needs perfectly.


If you want to stay away from mower maintenance hassle this one is best to pick. Its alloy steel blades are reliable for years. Provide a good cutting. No unpleasant smell and neglectable noise. 

  • Cuts the grass up to 4 inches and works on even wet grass.
  • It has a 4 blade reel that does actual work.
  • Environment friendly in comparison to other gas mowers as it spread no unpleasant smell and noise free.
  • Its cutter blades are made up of heat-treated alloy steel that stay intend for years.
  • Safe to use when kids are around
  • Doesn’t work well for the areas close to the fence or walls
  • It requires a few overlaps

4.BLACK+DECKER BESTA512CM: Best Electric Lawn Mower For Small Yard

Buy this tool if you aspiring to purchase one and get two for free as it is a 3 in 1 tool. You can use it as a mower (obviously) but as a trimmer and edger as well. It’s an electric mower. It requires no assembling, easy to use right out of the box. 

It has a 6.5 amp motor and power drive transmission that gives maximum performance even though weeds and overgrowth.
It has a light weight design with an adjustable handle and height position that makes the work easy and convenient.

It has an automatic feed spool so you have no need to stop for adjusting the spool. Its cord retention system fights with the accidental cord disconnection. If you want to mow a large area it might be a little exhausting but perfect for small yard.

As its cord electric so you have no hassle to finish the whole yard in one short to prevent the battery loss. Its roller carriage pops on and off easily for the conversion.
It gives a very neat finish to the lawn.it is the best lawn mower with electic start.


If you are searching for something comfortable for your small yard you can go for this one. Light weight with an adjustable handle provides maximum convenience and height positions give complete control.

it could be used as a mower, trimmer, and edger. Its cord retentio
n system is a plus.  

  • Three in one (mower, trimmer and edger)
  • Light weight with adjustable handle
  • Requires no assembling
  • Adjustable height positions
  • Easy to move as a vacuum
  • Has a cord retention system
  • Automatic feed spool for convenience in work.
  • Efficient motor with power drive transmission for maximum performance
  • Some users complaint about cord sometimes gets jammed and doesn’t release as it should
  • Some users have issue with its plastic wheels

5. Robomow RX20: Best Cordless Lawn Mower For Small Yard

If you are using some ordinary lawn mower then this one is going to be an entirely new experience for you. It possesses a variety of features. It’s a robot lawn mower that does the work itself you can relax when you mower is on work. 

You only have to download my Robomow app that allows you to connect via Bluetooth and you can control your mower anytime from any place. Now
Robomow has joined Alexa smart home ecosystem so it cuts your grass on your voice command.

It has different cutting heights for user’s convenience. It can mow and travel efficiently on slopes of about 8.5 degrees. The setting up is as easy as pegging the wire around the perimeters of the mowing area. It has a sensor for rainy weather as its gets back to the base station when the weather gets rainy and automatically starts working again as the conditions of weather get better.

Its design helps in providing a decent finish on edges.
The powerful lithium batteries are long lasting and help in acquiring high performance. Its robotic features include sensor the objects in its way so it doesn’t strike to any wall or tree in its way.

It generates zero noise so you can now even in quiet hours of the day.
It also has a safety and anti-theft system that prevent it from being theft. In case it tilts its safety system gets active and turns it off to protect children get into any kind of accident. With all these features this product got no match.


With its all fancy features, this isn’t unfair to call this product a smart machine as it does the work while you can relax. Its censoring feature allows you to be carefree when you are into other chores. The Bluetooth connectivity feature helps in operating it anytime from anywhere in your house.

it requires a code to operate which is an anti-theft feature.
It provides maximum safety to your kids and pets from being into some trouble situation. In short, it’s pretty much like a person you hire for mowing.

  • The product is developed on the base of artificial intelligence and works like any other smart machines
  • Works on even voice commands
  • Just download the robomow move app and control it anytime from anywhere in the house
  • The censoring feature protect it from rain and striking to the trees, walls and other objects in its way
  • When it tilts it aquatically gets off to prevent any kind of accidents. So this feature makes it safe to use
  • Some users’ complained about battery life
  • Does not run without guide wire installed

6. Yard Machines 140cc OHV 21-Inch: Best Push Lawn Mower For Small Yard

If you want to finish your work in fewer passes then this mower is perfect for the purpose. The powerful 140cc engine increases its reliability.

Light weight and easy to assemble you just have to add the oil that comes with it and ready to start the work. Like many other lawn mowers, this too provides multiple height options for convenience and control.
Work absolutely perfect for light trim or full cut.

As a craftsman, this one also is a 2 in 1 it does side discharge along with mulching capabilities.
It provides 21 inches deep cutting with fast speed work.

Its wheels are designed in such a way that it can easily work on both hard and loose soil so no worries about your land type. If you are looking for all the above mentioned features you can consider buying this product.  


The 2 in 1 side discharge with the mulching feature is convenient. Due to its just 1 pound weight, it is light enough that even if you are some old aged person not capable of moving any other lawn mower you can easily work with it.

it has a good rating on Amazon that can help you in trusting the quality and convenience of this product.

  • Light weight just 1 pound so, it is easy to move
  • Just require oil to start working
  • 2 in 1 side discharge with mulching capability
  • The 7 inch rare and 11 inch back wheels help it to mow and travel on any kind of soil
  • Cannot be repaired
  • Some users complained about plastic quality

7.WORX WG779 40V: Best Battery Powered Lawn Mower For Small Yard

If you are tired of your lawn mower that you have to pull the chain with all the might to get it started but still not tall enough to start it then you defiantly need to go for this one as it is an electric lawn mower so you just need to push a button and lever to start it so if you need to remove something from it the way you can turn it off remove the object and quickly turn it on again.

You do not require any tools to assemble it assembling just takes a few minutes it is light weight and compact to carry around. Usually, small lawn mower requires more passes this also requires more passes for its small size but works in such a way that more passes feel no hassle.

It quiet enough that you can do the work even early morning without bothering your neighbors.
Works well for small or even medium yards. Battery life is long enough that no need of recharging unless you are done with a medium sized yard.

This also has a battery indicator that lets you know how much is left.
It has two batteries so provided with two charging ports to charge them both batteries at the same time. And in case your charger dies you can get it easily on Amazon. This is such a competent product.


If you are searching for some efficient product at a comparatively low price then this product is best to pick.no noise, light weight easy to carry around and starts on a click. This works smoothly through weeds and overgrowth.

The dual battery lasts for a longer span and two charging ports allows charging both batteries together in comparatively less time.

  • Light weight easy to carry around
  • Start with just a push of a button
  • No noise could be used in quite hours as well
  • No need to recharging in short intervals due to double battery
  • Fastest charging through the double charging port
  • Due to its small size, it looks pretty much like a toy
  • You require more passes as small mower usually does

8. Greenworks G-MAX 40V: Best Light Lawn Mower

This lawn mower is ideal for those who want to get rid of gas mowers, In battery operating mowers you will find this one most impressive. It is very easy to put together. This product is super reliable you can use it for years without any problem.

This product works pretty efficiently for small yards. It has a powerful lithium battery that lasts long. Like many other mowers its light weight so, easy to move around and mow. It is designed to work in all environments so no hassle.

This works efficiently through weeds and decent growth of grass.
Reliable enough that users can use it throughout the year with any trouble.

It 2 in 1 feature gives a rare bag and mulching capability for more than on use. The product offers 5 different cutting height range from 1- ¼ and 3 -3/8 to get a smooth finish of the lawn.it is the best price self propelled lawn mower


One of the best mower in class battery powered mowers. Light weight to handle and mows the lawn perfectly. Create very low noise. It has a 4Ah battery which does not run out easily. It has a 4.4 out of 5 ratings on Amazon. Durable for years, well built. It is a wise choice in a battery lawn mower.

  • Light weight
  • Strong built, reliable for years
  • 4Ah powerful battery
  • Easy to maneuver
  • 2 in 1 feature provides a rare bag and mulching capability
  • The replacement battery is costly
  • Overcharging can badly affect the battery

9. Worx WR140 Landroid M 20V: Best Robotic Lawn Mower

This is a robotic lawn mower so you can enjoy your time when this tiny thing is on work. Like Robomow robotic lawn mower this is also required to download an application called Worx lanroid easy to install and keeps many features to make your life easier.

Just measure your lawn using the app and take it on work.it artificial intelligence technology lets you easily mow through random and narrow passageways. Like Robomow this one also has a rain sensor that doesn’t allow it to work on wet grass it heads back to the base station in case of rain and wet grass.

Through the landroid application, users can control it with the help of your hand palm and you also can schedule it according to your lawn size and area.
Its anti-collision system keeps it away from any kind of unexpected obstacles.

It mows more frequently as compared to other mowers. During every mowing cycle, its razor like blades cuts a little off the top to give a pleasing finish. When the battery gets low landroid heads back to its charging base and recharge.

You can switch between 5 different height adjustments in just a turn of the knob.
it is the best lawn mower even for women. if you want to get more information about the lawn mower that is best even for women so read this best lawn mower for a women.


If you want to enjoy your weekends rather than wasting them into mowing the lawn and getting even tire for the week ahead this mower is best to work in your place. You just download an app and set your requirements for mow and there you go.

The landriod application is pretty simple to download and loaded with features for your convenience. Stop wasting your time and efforts and just go for this amazing product.

  • It is a robotic mower to works itself
  • It has a rain sensor that saves it from getting wet in rainy weather or wet grass
  • It includes an anti-collision system that prevents the machine and objects in the way from damage
  • No hassle of cord as its power source is the battery
  • When the battery ends up it heads to the charging base and gets recharge
  • Without a boundary wire, it cannot find the charging base
  • Some users have found the Landriod app terrible to use

10. Craftsman M105 140cc 21-Inch: Best Gas Lawn Mowers For Small Yards

It is a 3 in 1 product it has a rare discharge, side discharge, and mulching so you have three different ways to get rid of clippings that for it is too convenient. Let’s talk about assembling yes it requires minor assembling but doesn’t mean you need to have mechanical skills but if you have it’s a plus you can assemble it putting zero effort then.

The engine is equipped with recoil and auto choke. The power source is gas. Not much work just pull to start it. Its cutting gives a nice and clean look.
This works well on even tall grass. Its light weight handle helps in quick passes. You can fold to place anywhere comfortably.it is the best lawn mower for a wet grass.


It is a 3 in 1 lawn mower so you can remove clipping in three alternative ways. Passes take less time due to their light weight handle. You can fold this product to fit any place.

The product rating and reviews are also good. This product is the best fit for those facing problems with getting rid of the clippings.

  • 3 in 1 product for better clipping remove
  • Complete passes in less time
  • East to maneuver
  • The engine is equipped with recoil and auto choke
  • Small wheels makes it hard to push on wet grass

By: Zahra Hussain

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