Best Lawn Mowers for Women of 2020 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

A woman wants to maintain her surroundings and herself but in this busy life, it is very difficult for her to manage everything. After home, her priority is to maintain her lawn by mowing and herself by doing exercise.  The main problem which we all face today is the shortage of time but here I have a solution you can do your exercise while mowing and maintaining your lawn. We have best lawn mowers for women that help you to get the best results.

A woman wants to mow her lawn but she can’t handle the heavy one. Some of the attributes of these mowers are they are light in weight, eco-friendly, can operate in every type of weather and can start very easily. If you are a working woman and have no plenty of time I recommend an American push reel mover which you can use while doing exercise and have no problem with refilling of gas.

We have the top 10 best lawn mowers that help you to get the best results.

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Best Lawn Mowers for Women:

Usually, the women prefer eco-friendly mowers that are not much noisy do not discharge the smoke as it is very risky for the health and easy to handle. Refilling, oil changing; the smell of gas makes them inconvenient at their work.

American reel lawn mower is a 14 inch, 4 blade composite wheels lawn mower which is manufactured especially for women. It has adjustable cutting heights and heat-treated alloy sharp steel blades enable them to not pay much for its maintenance. As there is no need for its regular maintenance and you can sharpen them yearly.

It is very easy to use, assemble and very light as it has only 20 pounds weight that helps you to mow your park while having a coffee in your one hand because it holds the ground and mows it smoothly.
It is very safe and has no noise that disturbs others even you can talk with someone while mowing your ground. You can use it in every type of weather that requires no electricity, no gas, and no charged battery so you can enjoy the rain as well because it can even cut wet grass too.

Almost every woman is very conscious of her fitness. The one great benefit of this wonderful lawn mower is that you have an efficient exercise chance that it helps in your arms and stomach exercise as well. The only drawback of this is the small debris may trap in its wheels so for this inconvenience you can pick up all before mowing.

  • Convenient to use and assemble
  • Accommodating cutting height
  • Pollutant free, nature friendly lawn mower
  • Thermal steel blade
  • Noise free
  • Light weight
  • Can cut only 14 inches width.

Final Views:

If you are looking for a light weight, eco-friendly lawn mower then you must try American lawn mower it’s a best choice.

2. Greenworks Corded Lawn Mower 25022: Best Lawn Mower For Single Mom

Mostly women get tired of the hectic routine they are following so they are not ready to use heavy vehicles to drive they hate to put a lot of effort and get frustrated so this amazing mower is the right choice for them. As it requires no extra effort and you can easily drive it just by connecting it with electricity.

Greenworks lawn mower is one of the corded electric mowers that has a powerful 12 amp motor and weighs about 56 pounds. It has a 21-inch deck that helps you to mow quickly with the wonderful 3 in 1 combination of mulching; that helps to maintain the moisture of your lawn and restrict the growth of unwanted weeds. Side discharge; that helps you to discard the grass rubbish more easily as all these cuts are forced out to the side of the mower. Rear bag; where the grass cutting can be expelled through an opening. (It should be clean up regularly just by opening it). So that you can easily shift between bagging and mulching.

This is an incredible lawn mower as it has a pushup start button to start it with the great ease, folded handles which help you to store it easily and much quieter than other mowers of about 75 DB noise just like a normal hearing.

It has seven position adjustment choices and you can choose a suitable one conveniently with a very strong and powerful body with remarkable steel cutting deck and handles that helps you to cut any type of grass without any hindrance.

The only drawback of this wondrous corded lawn mower is that its 12 gauge extension cord may entangle or trapped into your feet so you should be more vigilant for this. The best way to overcome this is just to place the cord in between your feet that helps you to manage it comfortably. Connect the extension cord tightly and carefully to avoid any troubleshooting issue.

  • Enduring steel deck
  • 3 in 1 lawn mower
  • Seven position height adjustment
  • Pushup start button
  • Bendable handle
  • For large area 12 amp motor is not suitable.
  • Extension may entangle.

Final Views:

If you are looking for a powerful corded lawn mower with less maintenance then Greenworks is an excellent choice for you.

The choice of purchasing a mower depends upon its functions. The innovative and compatible cordless lawn mower helps you to mow your lawn as it has wonderful and incredible functional qualities.

Black + Decker (MTC220) cordless lawn mower is a smart choice that has ideal properties as it has 750 feet size with the amazing 4 hours for 100% charging time and has an auto-feed system that helps you to do your work without bumping and stopping with the great efficiency.

This compatible lawn mower has 3 in 1 loveable landscaping functionality that includes: mower trimmer that helps you to trim your lawn accessories edger; that helps you to do small inclines, corners and the areas where you feel difficulty to reach with cordless freedom.

This 12-inch compact lawn mower has an amazing adjustable height deck with a pivoting handle that provides wonderful maneuverability with dual 20V lithium ions that are rechargeable and have a great life span.

The 15 pounds weight makes it a perfect choice for women as it can be handled very easily and comfortably. It has an adjustable handle and cutting heights ranges between 1.6 to 2.4 inches.

With admirable construction, it saves your money and space too.

You can easily convert this marvelous machinery from mower to trimmer to edger or vice versa with your feet. The quick foot pedal release enables you to attach or eject the trimmer or mower when you want to shift from one to another with the gear-driven transmission which gives you the marvelous constant speed maintenance. It has incredible weed whackers on their wheel that make them strong and you don’t have to be afraid of any blade breaking. It has a great power drive transmission that helps you o increase the torque for more cutting power.

The only drawback of this mower is that you have to do more care as it has lithium batteries that may get hurt if they fell down. This is the best choice for every woman as it gives you all in one property.

  • Enduring steel deck
  • Very light in weight (15 pounds)
  • 3 in 1 lawn mower
  • Two position height adjustment
  • Pivot handle
  • 2 lithium ion batteries
  • For large area 2 batteries are not enough
  • Needs great care.

Final Views:

If you are looking for a trimmer, mower, and edger then this Black+Decker is a perfect choice for you that you can get all these things in one with powerful batteries which are also very light in weight.

People who are suffering from headaches just because of gasoline smell and the noise produced by those lawn mowers this classic push reel lawn mower is made for them.

Scott’s outdoor power tools lawn mower is a very classy, quiet, easy to use and assemble as it takes only 10 minutes for assembly and you can start mowing your lawn in next 5 minutes as it requires no extra tools, no worries of purchasing gasoline even you don’t have any difficulty to deal with any complicated engine components and is very economical.

This amazing handy lawn mower has incredible 20-inch cutting width that mows your lawn more quickly and efficiently and save your time. It has up to 3-inch effortless height adjustment that can easily accommodate 9 different height slots with 5 steel blades with ball bearing reels that snips the grass more evenly and spins precisely.

It works fantastically, operates readily and very light in weight which is just about 34 pounds and very easy to store too. It has a rigid steel handle with a great isolated appropriate grip that added the coziness and comfort in your life. It has 10-inch composite wheels with radial tires with extra efficient dual tracking wheels which increases its mobility and flexibility.

The only drawback of this wonderful lawn mower is that it takes a little great physical effort to cut long grass but you can get better results by oiling the blades to improves its efficiency and repeat a few tires to get a pristine look without ripping or tearing of grass and leaves the fine mulch necessary for your healthy lawn. So it’s a fantastic and healthy choice for taking care of your lawn.

  • Assembled easily
  • Maneuverable
  • Economical
  • Incredible 20 inch cutting width.
  • Needs great effort for a bumpy lawn full of weeds.

Final Views:

If you are looking for a wider lawn mower for healthy take care of your lawn than you must try this Scotts reel lawn mower that snips your lawn without ripping and tearing.

This is an excellent cordless lawn mower that has an incredible 20-inch cutting capacity with great lithium batteries. It has the foldable quality that requires a very small space to store and you can keep it anywhere as its construction is weather resistant. It is a very strong lawn mower just like a gas one but without gas smell and refilling problems.

Ego power lawn mower has a great 3 in 1 quality as it has a mulching property with bagging and side discharge with 56 pounds weight. It is the advance and a remarkable mower that can be rechargeable without creating any noise and you can mow your lawn smoothly without any fumes that may pollute your environment manufactured for an eco-friendly conscious woman.

It has 56 volt lithium battery which can be fully recharged within a half-hour and mow your lawn efficiently with one charge. Its assembly is quite easy as it requires no extra tools with different heights adjustments which make it easy to use. Its maintenance is also very easy. It has a loveable headlight quality that enables you to mow your lawn even in night hours.

The only drawback of this mower is that it has a very loud charging voice as a fan sound but you may only bear it only for half hour. So if you are looking for a strong lawn mower to use in night hours it is the best choice for you.

  • Assembled easily
  • Maneuverable
  • Economical and strongest lawn mower
  • Having headlights
  • Charging voice is little bit high

Final Views:

If you are looking for an economical, strong cordless lawn mower with headlights then you must try Ego power lawn mower.

The simple, reliable and compact lawn mower made for every age person even if you are getting old you can easily drive it because of its easy maintenance and can start it without any stress, just by pushing a start button. Its affordable quality makes it the most loving lawn mower for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money with no gas refilling problem.

Mow Joe has an admirable 13-amp motor with 100 feet extension cord that can cut a 14-inch wide path very quickly and smoothly without polluting your surroundings. It has an adjustable deck with three different position heights with a safety lever.

The blades are made up of steel that gives you the consistent cutting of the grass, with a plastic body that makes it lighter than others and you can take it even to the uphills very easily. As it has only 29 pounds in weight. In addition to this, it has a bag of 10.6 gal capacity with rear discharge chute that can detach easily.

This terrific lawn mower has rough all-terrain 6 inch wheels that make it easy to maneuver and you can mow your lawn smoothly. The handles can bend so you can store it easily.

Its setting is a little bit tricky, all you have to do is just to attach lower handles with screws and then join them with cord tension and in the last attach the grass catcher. And if you face difficulty in pushing don’t worry it’s just a sign that your grass catcher is filled just go and dump the garbage.

The only drawback of this lovely lawn mower is its plastic body which is not reliable but you can overcome this by taking great care. Avoid it over wet places.

  • Powerful 13 amp electric motor
  • Push start button
  • Can adjust up to 3 heights
  • Light weight
  • Easy to maintain
  • Plastic body
  • Not suitable for very large area

Final Views:

If you are looking for easily assembled with strongest motor corded lawn mower then you must check the Sun Joe electric lawn mower.

It is a wonderful reel lawn mower that has the long-lasting performance. It is very suitable for women because it has a wonderful advance design that helps you to push it 60 % more easily than others with the great 18 widths wider blades it becomes easy to mow the whole area very fast.

Usually with the reel mower, one can face the push discomfort, especially through rough and tough thick grass patches. But this mower has incredible inertia reel drive that gives the more continuous and smooth motion even over a rough or tough surface and all types of grass can be mow easily with its two wheels strategy.

It saves you from getting dirty as it has a new reversible grass chute that direct the grass debris or clippings in the forward direction and carries them away from you and your feet too.  As it has no cords no gas or oil problems it is very easy to use and handle with no fuss and fumes it makes your environment healthy and you can take a deep breath without worrying about the health risk.

It has a long-lasting quality because of its sharp cutting system that prevents the wear and tear of the blades by prohibiting the unwanted contact and saves your money that spends on maintenance and blade sharpening as you don’t need to sharpen them even after a season if you use it with the great care. This 18-inch reel lawn mower has 51 pounds weight hat makes it more powerful with up to 4-inch height adjustments opportunity gives you the highest comfort.

It is reliable and easy to assemble mower with great efficiency in its work. It has no noise and when you mow it smells nice. You can cut the thickest grass with no effort as it has freewheel clutch that continue the spinning of wheels to some seconds even if you stop forcing it forward.

The only drawback of this mower is that you have to struggle a bit more to cut the long grass but you can do it with two or three wheels.

  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Free wheel clutch
  • Silent mower
  • Exceptionally tight edging
  • Sharp cutting system
  • Need a bit more effort to cut extra long grass.

Final Views:

If you are looking for more efficient, maintenance-free, a maneuverable lawn mower, you must try inertia reel drive Fiskars lawn mower.

It is a self-propelled lawn mower that can mow up to 45 minutes with one charging as it has powerful 82 volts lithium-ion 2.0 Ah battery kits which includes 2 batteries with 1 rapid charger that helps the batteries to charge it quickly.

Snapper XD cordless electric lawn mower is a very smart and efficient lawn mower as it has seven adjustable heights that enable you to choose the one you want with incredible 21-inch steel deck with long-lasting steel blades. It has a great push start button that helps you to start it easily with a single lever which helps you to adjust the forward speeds.

It has an amazing brushless motor which is easy to manage in addition to this it has rubber handles that makes you more convenient while doing your work with 82 volts battery with super 5 years warranty. Moreover, It has a superb 8-inch front and 10 inch rear wheels.

It also has a 3 in 1 quality with mulching (applying the mulch over a surface maintains the moisture of soil) bagging (for the collection of grass cuts) side discharge (helps to dispose of clippings) with the 10-inch size of rear wheels.

This amazing powerful lawn mower gives you the smooth and efficient operations. The only drawback of this wonderful lawn mower is that it has 82 pounds weight which may be difficult for you to handle but the great powerful batteries help in its mobility very well.

  • Powerful 82 volt lithium batteries
  • Push start button
  • Battery kit
  • Can adjust up to 7 heights
  • Easy to maintain
  • Not suitable for very large area
  • Little bit heavy

Final Views:

If you are looking for powerful lithium-ion batteries connected to a lawn mower that gives you mulching, bagging, and side discharge qualities within one mower you must try Snapper XD cordless lawn mower.

If you want to save your money and not want to face the noise and health problems and can’t handle a heavier one than you should try this wonderful lawn mower as it has incredible attributes. You don’t need to buy oil or gas for it that means no fumes around you and your environment remains safe which is very good for your health. It has no cords that produce any noise around you so you can easily mow your lawn even in the early morning that it would not disturb your neighbors. You need no electricity no engine to start it even it has zero carbon discharge.

The great states lawn mower has 5 blades ball bearing tempered alloy steel reel with 10-inch composite wheels make easy to roll up on the ground and stops you to get frustrated.  You can easily move it anywhere you want. It has smooth spinning blades and the lightest mower that has only 27 pounds weight which helps you to mow with great ease.

These amazing, compact lawn mowers have a scissor-like cutting and keep your lawn natural. As it is made up of sturdy material so it has a very strong body you don’t need to change it or spend a lot to maintain it. Moreover, it has a loop style handle and cushioned grip that ease you to mow.

Most of the lawn mowers produce dangerous emission that completely destroys the essential nutrients of grass and makes it available to disease and for insects to attack but this incredible mower does not rip the grass it mows the grass by snipping which makes it healthy. There is no need for consequential cleanup.

The only drawback of this is it needs a tricky assembly. But you can do it by putting together the handle and then put it on the mower. It has a wing nut system so no extra tools are required to assemble it.

  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Cushioned grip
  • No carbon discharge
  • Helps in exercise
  • Eco-friendly
  • Needs assembly

Final Views:

If you are looking for a reel mower that gives you scissors like cutting with cushioned grip then you must try the great states lawn mower.

10. BLACK+DECKER BEMW472ES Electric Mower: Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mower For a Women

This powerful electric lawn mower is the best choice for women as it is very easy to use assemble and to start you can mow your lawn without any problem as it runs smoothly without any extra effort which you may have to face with a manual one.

Black + Decker lawn mower is a corded mower that has a wonderful 10 amp 15-inch motor. You just need to plug into an electric switch and push the start button which is present on it to start mowing, as it has no charging problem and no pull start that are usually present in gas mowers.

The fabulous eco-friendly mower is made for environment conscious women, quite light in weight which is about 41 pounds and easy to use with a great quality of maneuverability.

It has a winged metal blade that helps to snip the grass more easily and gets wonderful clipping collection results. A perfect mower for thick grass as it has a pivot control handle with the outstanding rugged wheels.

It has safety shutoff too as if you accidentally touch a rock or high root it may stop immediately that save your mower’s blade to get hurt or ruined.

The only drawback of this mower is that it has a somehow tricky handle and you may feel difficulty in balancing it which can be sorted out by putting screw over it or may have a great risk of cable damage as you have to connect it with the electricity.

  • Easy maneuverability
  • Incredible Six height adjustments
  • Rugged wheel
  • Safety shutoff
  • 10 amp motor
  • Have to connect with electric power
  • Tricky handle

Final Views:

If you have a rocky surface and search for a powerful corded lawn mower then you should try Black+Decker as it has pivot control handle with safety shutoff that saves your blades to get ruined.

Lawn Mowers for Women Buyer's Guide:

Buying a lawn mower for a woman needs more attention than a man as they are not required to mow acres. Women usually mow their house lawns or maybe the grounds less than an acre.

The things which you have to keep in mind while buying a lawnmower for women are the following.

  • Should be easy to use, lift and assemble.
  • Should be noise and pollutant-free as they are much more environmentally conscious than a man.
  • Give them side by side exercise opportunities.
  • Easy to start.
  • Need less maintenance.
  • Easy to store.

Top 3 Recommendations:

  1. American Lawn Mower Company 1204: The most eco-friendly and economical lawnmower.
  2. BLACK+DECKER BEMW472ES Electric Mower: The most incredible lawn mower with 3 in 1 quality.
  3. Greenworks Corded Lawn Mower 25022: May be the one time investment for the continual.


If you have a lawn then you should mow it as it gives your lawn an orderly appearance that enhances its beauty. Try this with the eco-friendly mower that gives you a cardiovascular endurance and to your lawn a perfect look with a little physical effort.

Above listed the best lawn mowers, grab your desired one quickly and makes your lawn a worth looking.

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