Best Price Self Propelled Lawn Mower – Complete Buying Guide (2020)

The people who own a lawn in their houses are very conscious about taking care of it as the lawn beauty enhances their residency look and makes it more attractive.
Mostly they spend a lot of money on that and hire a lawn caretaker as they can’t do it themself because it takes time and tires you a lot. But you can take care of your lawn on your own with no strain and can keep your money safe by just choosing the best price self propelled lawn mower
There are many attributes of self-propelled mowers as it moves on its own and you don’t need to worry about pushing it which means less strain and less fatigue.
It mows your lawn more quickly with incredible features. Self-propelled mowers are the best choice for women or old age people as it gives you ease and comfort but they are noisy and many of them are not eco-friendly co of gasoline.
So preferably chose the one with less noise with the eco-friendly features. you can also search the top best lawn mowers for women that are much more comfortable .

We have the top 5 best lawn mowers 2020 that help you to get the best results.

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Best Price Self Propelled Lawn Mowers:

1. Sun Joe MJ401C: Cheap self propelled lawn mower

The most incredible lawn mower gives you the tailor cutting of your turf and adjusts the height according to your desire.
Sun Joe is a powerful battery-powered mower that can cut a 14-inch wide path with durable steel blades. It has a 28-volts 4 Ah lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable and mows continuously quarter-acre with a single charge.
It has many incredible features. With an LED battery level indicator, you will be able to know the remaining battery. It has a start push button and detachable 10.6 grams grass catchers that allows the easy disposal of debris.
With Rugged all-terrain wheels, it becomes a more maneuverable mower that allows you to mow conveniently. Moreover, it has a brushless motor with less noise.
It is safe and easy to store as it has collapsible handles. 
This mower has durable steel blades and manually adjustable cutting heights with 3-positions.
It comes under dollar 300 mowers and has a 2-years warranty.

  • LED battery level
  • Self-propelledt
  • Push button
  • Not for larger area

Final view:

It is a reliable compact mower that is perfect for small to medium size lawn. It is the cheapest mower with a lot of features.

2. Greenworks G-MAX 40V: Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower Electric Start

The self-propelled lawn mower that has many great features with a reliable body and can precisely cut your turf of all-terrain.
Green works G-max has a durable 40-volt lithium battery with a great G max system. Additionally, this product has an additional compartment for extra battery storage that enables you to extend the runtime with no mess of gas and oil fumes.
With 21-inch wide steel cutting deck and all-terrain wheels, you can easily cut the grass in no time. It has a 3 in 1 capability as you can mow your lawn with bagging, side discharge, and mulching features.
 It is very easy to maneuver and has a vertical storage ability. Moreover, it is an environmentally safe mower that can be start hassle-free and a perfect choice for even an older lady. 
Single lever height adjustment helps you to adjust the seven different heights ranges between 1-⅜’ to 3-¾ more conveniently.
The thing most buyers face is the backward pulling of this product that can be managed easily by releasing the self-propel lever. 

  • G-max system
  • Self-propelledt
  • Single lever
  • Not for larger area

Final views:

This mower is the best choice for those who wanted to extend the runtime by placing an extra battery with a self-propel feature.

3. Yad Machines 159cc : Best inexpensive Self Propelled Lawn Mower

The innovative self-propelled lawn mower with incredible power that helps you to achieve a fast cut in no time and gives your lawn a precise is a gas-powered mower.
This Yard machine lawn mower has a powerful 159cc OHV engine with a 21-inch wide steel deck that can cover a 21 inches area in a single path and helps you to do your work quickly.
It is best for less than one-acre area.
It can mow your lawn in a range between 1.25-inch to 3.75-inches and can easily adjust with the help of dual-lever height adjustments. The size of their wheels is 8-inches that helps you to maneuver it has a single-speed transmission that ensures a fast cut.
Additionally, this mower features the 2 in 1mulching, and side discharge capabilities that can be set according to what your lawn needs. It is a front-wheel-drive mower with a 36-inch handle length and weighs about 71.9 lbs.
If you are looking for a lawn mower for a small lawn so read it Best Lawn Mowers For Small Lawn.

  • OHV Engine
  • Single speed transmission
  • Reliable
  • No bagging

Final views:

This mower is a perfect choice for the one who wanted a powerful mower with no electricity expense.

4. WORX WEN LM2173: Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower Under 300

Usually, the peoples are tired of the gasoline exhaust and pull cords but this mower has no such worries. This is the eco-friendly mower with a cordless, self-propelled feature that allows you to mow your lawn comfortably.
Worx wen has an efficient 24-volt removable battery that enables you to charge it after separating it from the mower and can easily replaceable. Moreover, it has a battery indicator that tells you the remaining level of battery power.
It has a 14-inch wide cutting deck and has a light body weight as it weighs about 33 pounds that helps you to maneuver the product more easily even over tough uneven terrain.
It is the compact mower featuring 3 in 1 capability as it can mulches, bags, and side discharges the debris. Its mulching ability holds the nutrients of your lawn and keeps it has variable cutting heights ranges between 2-3.5-inch.
This mower can easily start by only pushing the start button that means no more pull cords, no fatigue. It is a perfect choice for a small and tough terrain and can cover the area of 6000 sq ft per charge. additionally, it has an easy gripped foldable handle for easy storage. It is very easy to clean as it has a removable grass bag.  
If you are looking for an electric start lawn mower so read it
Best Lawn Mower With Electric Start .

  • Light weight
  • Maneuverable
  • Push button start
  • Reliable
  • Not for larger area

Final views:

 if you want a powerful mower with a lot of features under your comfort zone then this is a perfect choice for you as it is self-propelled and very easy to start and use.

5. Lawn-Boy 17734: Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower For Hills

The electric start, a self propelled lawn mower that has a powerful engine with great features and a perfect choice for the hilly areas. Lawn boy 17734 is a very innovative mower.
It has a reliable 6.5 torque Kohler OHV engine that provides great efficient work and requires relatively no maintenance. Moreover,
it has a CARB Compliant for the state of California.
It has an electric start that helps you to start the engine more quickly without messing with jerks and pulls. It has a 3 in 1 discharge ability you can do mulching, side discharge, and bagging according to your lawn need.
21-inch steel deck and tri-cut system features enhance work efficiency.
It has 2-point adjustable cutting heights that will help you to adjust it according to your desire. The best thing about this product is that it has a 3-year Tru -start commitment means lawn boy will fix the problems free of cost in the first 3-years that make it a more attractive mower.
The mower has 7-inch front wheels and an 8-inch rear wheel. Additionally, it drives one the rear wheel for the best traction. The product has a 2-years warranty.
It is also the best mower for wet grass if you are looking for a mower for wet grass so read it Best Lawn Mowers For Wet Grass.

  • Push button start
  • Maneuverable
  • Light Weight
  • Reliable
  • Not for larger area

Final views:

If you have an uneven terrain than this mower is the best choice for you that has all the features that you need for the mowing of your lawn with great maneuverability.

Best Price Self Propelled Lawn mower Buyers’ guide:

The self-propelled mowers are easier to drive they help you to do your work in less time with no fatigue but before buying a self-propelled mower you need to know what actually is the best for your property.
The features you need to keep in mind before buying a self-propelled mower are the following:

  1. It should be the electric start because pull jerks can cause more fatigue.
  2. You should know which engine is best according to your lawn area if you have a smaller area you can buy a normal engine mower but for the larger areas you need to take a powerful engine mower. You can get more information by reading how does a lawn mower’s engine works
  3. It should be cost-effective that will not cause a burden on your pocket 4: It should require approximately no maintenance.
  4. They may be battery-powered or gasoline mower choose of your choice if you are environmentally conscious try to buy a battery-powered mower that is more ecofriendly. 
Top 3 Recommendations:
  1. Sun Joe MJ401C:: The most inexpensive lawn mower among the self-propelled lawn mowers.
  2. Lawn-Boy 17734: The best self-propelled lawn mower for un-even terrain, rear wheel drive system that makes it perfect for hilly areas.
  3. Yard Machines: The best widest lawn mower with powerful engine that is perfect choice for small to medium sized lawn mower.


Push reel lawn mower is tough to push they need more time and cause fatigue too whereas self-propelled lawn mowers are easy to manage and reduces your working time. Moreover, they help you to mow your lawn yourself easily even the thickest grass too.

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